Round 7

13 Apr

204. Green Bay Packers(f/CAR): @PFF_Akshay : Keith Williams, OG – Nebraska
205. Detroit Lions(f/DEN): @HuskerGirlie : Kealoha Pilares, WR – Hawaii
206. Buffalo Bills: @Alumni50 : Cortez Allen, CB – Citadel.
207. Cincinnati Bengals: @RyanTerrana : Allen Bradford, RB – USC
208. New York Jets(f/ARZ): @donovanhorn : Lester Jean, WR – Florida
209. Seattle Seahawks(f/CLE): @PFF_Tyson : Jeremy Kerley, WR – TCU
210. Atlanta Falcons(f/DET): @Empulse : Stevan Ridley, RB – LSU
211. San Francisco 49ers: @Tre9er : Ryan Hill, CB – Miami-Florida
212. Tennessee Titans: @EricDickens : Dwayne Harris, W – East Carolina
Dallas Cowboys:Selection Forfeited (supplemental draft)
213. Washington Redskins: @myfriendsftw : Beau Warren, G/C – Virginia
214. Houston Texans: @EyeoftheGator : Ugo Chinasa, OLB/DE – Oklahoma St.
215. Minnesota Vikings: @JoshMTD : Alex Henery, K – Nebraska
216. St. Louis Rams: @indepthscouting : Detron Lewis, WR – Texas Tech
217. Miami Dolphins: @PFF_Zerodev : Graig Cooper, RB – Miami
218. Miami Dolphins(f/JAC): @PFF_Zerodev : Nathan Enderle, QB – Idaho
219. Oakland Raiders: @fantasy_occhs68 : Jeff Maehl, WR – Oregon
220. Dallas Cowboys(f/SD): @Redsoxnation88 : Thomas Claiborne, OG – Boston College
221. New York Giants: @fantasytaz : Henry Hynoski, FB – Pittsburgh
222. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: @Thomsen80 : Josh Byrnes, ILB – Auburn
223. Kansas City Chiefs: @Jason_Madson : Bruce Miller, OLB – UCF
224. Washington Redskins(f/IND): @myfriendsftw : Evan Royster, RB – Penn State
225. Baltimore Ravens(f/PHI): @iHateJJRedick : Via Tua, RB – Nevada
226. New Orleans Saints: @LaSportsDude : Mario Fannin, RB/WR – Auburn
227. Philadelphia Eagles(f/SEA): @EugeneStasakJr : Ollie Ogbu, DT – Penn State
228. St. Louis Rams(f/BAL): @indepthscouting : Jamorris Warren, WR – Central Missouri
229. Atlanta Falcons: @EmPulSe : Adrian Moten, OLB – Maryland
230. Atlanta Falcons(f/NE): @EmPulSe : Johnny White – RB/WR – North Carolina
Chicago Bears:Selection Forfeited (supplemental draft)
231. San Francisco 49ers(f/NYJ/DET): @Tre9er : Lee Smith, TE – Marshall
232. Pittsburgh Steelers: @allen21howard : Lucas Patterson, DE – Texas A&M
233. Green Bay Packers: @PFF_Akshay : Brandon Bair, DE – Oregon
234. San Diego Chargers(comp): @TruGentleman808 : Keith Darbut, DE/OLB – Baldwin-Wallace
235. Miami Dolphins(comp): @PFF_Zerodev : Scott Lutrus, ILB – UConn
236. Minnesota Vikings(comp): @JoshMTD : Stanley Havili, FB – USC
237. Philadelphia Eagles(comp): @EugeneStasakJr : Loyce Means, CB – Houston
238. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(comp): @Thomsen80 (@RyanTerrana) : Chas Henry, P – Florida
239. San Francisco 49ers(comp): @Tre9er : Tyrod Taylor, QB – Virginia Tech
240. Philadelphia Eagles(comp): @EugeneStasakJr : Trevis Turner, OT – Abilene Christian
241. Oakland Raiders(comp): @fantasy_occhs68 : Damik Scafe, DT – Boston College
242. Seattle Seahawks(comp): @PFF_Tyson : Adam Froman, QB – Louisville
243. New Orleans Saints(comp): @LaSportsDude : Aldrick Robinson, WR – SMU
244. Carolina Panthers(comp): @donovanhorn : David Arkin, OL – Missouri St.
245. Buffalo Bills(comp): @AlUmNi50 (@PFF_Zerodev) : Mike Person, OT – Montana St.
246. Cincinnati Bengals(comp): @RyanTerrana : Kai Forbath, K – UCLA
247. Denver Broncos(comp): @JavertF5 : Tori Gurley, WR – South Carolina
248. Cleveland Browns(comp): @BrendanLeister : Nic Grigsby, RB – Arizona
249. Arizona Cardinals(comp): @djberns247 : Frank Kearse, DT – Alabama A&M
250. San Francisco 49ers(comp): @Tre9er : Josh Jasper, K – LSU
251. Tennessee Titans(comp): @ericdickens : Andrew Jackson, OG – Fresno St.
252. Dallas Cowboys(comp): @Redsoxnation88 : Davon Torrance, CB – Ohio State
253. Washington Redskins(comp): @myfriendsftw : Alex Albright, DE/OLB – Boston College
254. Houston Texans(comp): @EyeoftheGator : Alex Wujciak ILB – Maryland

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One response to “Round 7

  1. Josh D

    April 14, 2011 at 2:03 am

    With the 215th overall selection in MockTwo the Vikings select K Alex Henery, Nebraska

    Its no secret the Vikings have been looking for a kicker to groom behind/replace Longwell and Henery maybe just the guy they are looking for. He held every kicking duty for the Cornhuskers and has a powerful leg. With the new kickoff rules, he has an honest chance to be constantly forcing teams into touch backs while also handling FG duties.

    With the 236th overall selection in MockTwo, the Vikings select FB/H-Back/3rd Down Back Stanley Havili, USC

    With the final Vikings pick in MockTwo, we were able to get a valuable weapon that adds a lot of versatility to the offense. Havili’s biggest strength is catching passes out of the back field and he is very dangerous when he gets into the open field. Has a lot of speed and power for such a big guy (6’1 230lbs) which would allow him to contribute all over the field.
    He is a better pass blocker than run blocker, but its has more to due with technique because he is a more than willing blocker. Because he can play multiple positions, he can help free up a couple roster spots for added depth at other positions. Had off-season shoulder surgery which has prevented him from participating in all-star games, combine, and the like, but his tape is fantastic and he could contribute right away.


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